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When you choose the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One to list your home, team leader Ed Hunnicutt is your exclusive Listing Agent. With nearly two decades of experience in the Charleston real estate market, Ed has just about seen it all. His range of experience in all kinds of market conditions gives Charleston SC homehim the sure knowledge and quiet confidence that a solution to any real estate problem can be found. Home sellers tell us they find working with Ed very reassuring and confidence inspiring.

To Ed and every other member of the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One, frequent communication is key to getting your home sold as quickly as possible. When you choose the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One to list your home, you get weekly updates by phone so that you know what’s going on at all times.

Plus, agent feedback on home showings is automatically emailed to you as soon as it’s received by our system, Centralized Showing Service. In this way, you have access to exactly what buyers who tour your home have to say. Members of the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One believe this feedback is invaluable in helping you sell your home. If buyers truthfully keep saying they don’t like the purple kitchen, wouldn’t you want to know?

Challenging Economic Times

Real estate today is a new game with new rules that can change daily. And in these challenging economic times, home sellers often need help outside our area of expertise. If this is true for you, we have a large database of professionals and can refer you to attorneys, CPAs and contractors. Identifying your selling needs early on is critical to avoiding a horrific short sale situation that ends up in foreclosure.

Marketing Your Home To The Most Home Buyers

Today, nearly all home buyers (93%) start their home search on the Internet. Because of this, the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One has gone to considerable effort and expense to provide you with the vast Internet exposure necessary to market your home to the most buyers Charleston SC homethroughout the state, nation and world.

When you list your home with the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One, it’s automatically listed not only in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) but also in a syndication of the Internet’s most important real estate search sites such as, and And we create a professional-quality video of your home that goes into online syndication as well as appears on

When you list with us, we also spend additional marketing dollars for enhanced feature listings on — the Internet’s #1 real estate search site — to ensure your home and its many extra photographs stand out from all the rest. Plus, your home is given feature status here on this very Web site,, which has been professionally designed, written and optimized to attract both home buyers and search engines and get results.

Pricing Your Home To Attract Buyers

In today’s challenging market, all the marketing in the world won’t help a home that’s overpriced. And here’s why:

With so many homes to choose from that are priced right (in keeping with the market), home buyers won’t bother to look at one that’s overpriced. And agents won’t waste their clients’ time by showing them a home that’s overpriced.

Ed Hunnicutt has the market knowledge and experience to guide you in pricing your home so that it attracts enough buyers to get an offer. It’s a simple fact: the more buyers who tour your home, the more likely you are to receive an offer — even multiple offers. Ed is a skilled negotiator, and once an offer is on the table, he can negotiate it with your best interest at heart.

Staging Your Home To Attract Offers

Also, in today’s challenging market, all the marketing in the world won’t help a home that’s less than “market ready.” Here’s why:

With so many homes to choose from, a buyer’s first impression upon seeing and then entering your home must be emotionally pleasing enough to draw her into the house. Charleston SC homeOtherwise, she will leave and move on to the next one.

This is where staging comes in. Staging is necessary so that a buyer can visualize her own furniture and possessions in your home. Unless a buyer can visualize living there, she cannot “buy” the home emotionally. And your home must first be “bought” emotionally for a buyer to make an offer.

Staging is Cathy Hunnicutt’s area of expertise. She advises you on such things as removing clutter and family photographs to depersonalize the space, taking down the draperies to let in the light and lessening the amount of or rearranging furniture to make rooms feel more spacious. Armed with Cathy’s to-do list, getting your home market ready is a cinch. And should you need help, she can refer you to painters, landscapers, plumbers and other vendors who are known to be reliable and fairly priced.

When you list your home with Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One, other agents in the Charleston area market know beforehand that it will show well, simply because Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One listings are known to always be market ready. By living up to this expectation consistently throughout the years, we know other agents will gladly show our homes to their buyer clients. And with the amount of inventory out there for agents to choose from, this is an important factor in selling your home.

Eighty percent of the Ed Hunnicutt Team at Carolina One’s new business is built entirely on referrals and repeat business from happy satisfied clients. We invite you to become one of them. Start by putting us to the test — simply call or email us and see how quickly we respond to your real estate need.

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