Summerville Homes for Sale

Summerville homes for sale always seem to be in demand with South Carolinians. Situated in the counties of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester, this area is home to nearly 50,000 residents. In addition to offering modern conveniences, the town also has a deep history. In fact, many of the Summerville homes for sale are located near historical spots.

Summerville Homes For Sale: Hundreds of Years of History

Summerville homes for sale continue to be a favorite year after year with homesteaders. The first residents, however, were Native Americans. The first English settlement, called Pineland Village, began after the Revolutionary War in 1785. It was developed primarily by plantation owners who lived in Charleston. Summerville proved to be an escape from seasonal insects and swamp fever. It was actually one of the first eco-friendly towns in United States. In 1847, the town passed a law against cutting down trees of a particular size and the town's motto still reads "Sacra Pinus Esto (The Pine is Sacred).” With such a rich history, it's easy to see why many people search for Summerville homes for sale.

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