Charleston SC Real Estate

You'll find more than great Charleston SC real estate here. There are also a wealth of historical sites and museums to enjoy. So if you've thought about buying a home in the area just realize you'll have more than a place to live. The purchase of Charleston SC real estate allows you access to some entertaining and educational attractions.

Charleston SC Real Estate: Near Museums and Historical Sites

Charleston SC real estate is close to quite a few historical sites. If you'd like to get in touch with the rich history of Charleston and you might want to consider visiting places like The Exchange and Provost built in 1767, which is now a museum run by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Another is the Powder Magazine, which is the oldest surviving public building in South Carolina. You’ll also find many historical ‘houses’ here that include: Nathaniel Russell House, Gov. William Aiken House, Heyward-Washington House and Joseph Manigault House. There is also the Charleston Museum, which was the first museum built in America in 1773. As you can see when you buy Charleston SC real estate, you'll find a multitude of attractions that date back centuries.

Ed Hunnicutt: Your Agent For Charleston SC Real Estate

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