Charleston Real Estate

Charleston real estate comes in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular for this area is the condo, or condominium. You’ll also find an assortment of town houses, particularly in downtown Charleston. But let's examine Charleston condos and why they're so appealing to people searching for Charleston real estate.

Charleston Real Estate: Charleston Condos For Sale

When it comes to Charleston real estate you'll have your choice of many different kinds of structures. One of the most appealing options today is the condominium. Condos in downtown Charleston are often converted heritage buildings that are close to work, recreation and entertainment - all of which are usually within walking distance. Most Charleston condos provide all the maintenance since the repairs are handled through a building fund. Amenities might include a clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pools and fitness facilities. On the surface, buying a condo might seem more expensive, but many of these factors can save you money when you consider home repair costs, lawn maintenance costs and gym/pool membership fees. So whether it's in town, or on the beach, condos are one of the more popular choices in Charleston real estate for many reasons.

Charleston Real Estate Experts at Hunnicutt Real Estate

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