Charleston Homes

When you decide to purchase one of the Charleston homes chances are it'll be a house not far from some monumental moments in American history. Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina, therefore one of the oldest in the United States. But let's examine the history of the area to see why Charleston homes are unlike so many others.

Charleston Homes: A History Lesson

Some Charleston homes date back to the 1600s when Native Americans inhabited the area. Given its proximity to the water, it was often a desirable area to many settlers from countries like Spain, France and England. Plus, given the port-like nature of the area, it served as the landing area and home to many different ethnic and religious groups. Many denominations, such as Protestants, Roman Catholics and Jews, called Charleston home, and still do. As the United States grew, Africans, both as servants and slaves, arrived to the area and into the eclectic mix of people to be found here. And after the state’s succession during the Civil War, Charleston became a key strategy point given its naval abilities. Today, the city continues to honor its past while still looking ahead to the future.

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Charleston homes have always been popular with home shoppers. It's not difficult to understand why. It’s a fantastic area to work, live and play. My name is Ed Hunnicutt and the Hunnicutt Team would be honored to help you. Simply tell us what you're looking for a house and we will go to work to find Charleston homes that fit you best.