The Ed Hunnicutt Team Helps Build a Home for Single Mother of Three in Awendaw!

The Ed Hunnicutt Team has over 50 years of experience finding the finest Mount Pleasant homes for sale in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Ed Hunnicutt is a REO broker familiar with all aspects of REO property management and disposition.  He prides himself on meeting his client’s deadlines while providing accurate evaluations, keeping their expenses low and recovering the maximum return of capital on their properties. As a thank you to all the clients who have worked with the Ed Hunnicutt Team over the years, they’ll be participating in a Build Day with East Cooper Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a single mother in need.



The Ed Hunnicutt Team Build Day is taking place on Saturday, October 28th 2017, in Awendaw, South Carolina. In partnership with East Cooper Habitat for Humanity, they’ll be helping build a home for a single mom with three children.


Meet the Family


Heather, a single mother of three, is looking forward to purchasing a home of her own where her son, Elijah, age 14, and her daughter, Hannah, age 12, will grow up in a community where wonderful memories will be made. Heather’s eldest son, Jacob, has returned from living abroad and will help build his mother and younger sibling’s new home.


In 2010, Heather and her family picked up their lives in Cape Cod, and relocated to the Lowcountry. A few years later, Heather and her three children left an abusive situation but chose to stay in the area. She and her family have found solace in their community at Seacoast church and have relied on their faith in times of doubt. Unfortunately, housing has continued to be a significant struggle for Heather, consuming about 75% of her income with no support. Heather says when her family found out they qualified as a partnering Habitat family, that it was the light at the end of the tunnel.


When the family feels overwhelmed, they like to drive by Theodore Road to look at the Habitat site. It reminds them that through their hard work, this stability will become real, and Heather is humbled by the opportunity to rebuild her family’s lives. Heather is excited for the color of her family’s Habitat home, raspberry cocoa, as it closely resembles the little red ranch house where she grew up.


Heather’s home will be the fourth in a community of five East Cooper Habitat for Humanity Homes located on Theodore Road in Awendaw. Subject to donations, the average time to build a house with East Cooper Habitat is five months. Heather is looking forward to working alongside East Cooper Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers to fulfill her 350 required sweat equity hours and make her dream of homeownership a reality. Heather and her children enjoy fulfilling their sweat equity hours at the EC Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The family would like to thank you, the volunteers, for without you all none of this would be possible.




To join the Giveback Homes movement go to To donate and help build a home for a family in need, please click here. 100% of your contribution will go directly towards building homes #forsocialgood and is 100% tax-deductible.  

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