Charleston SC Months of Inventory is now at 2.1 Months!

Months of Inventory (MOI) is now at 2.1 MOI.  Shocking! 30 of 32 MLS areas have less than 6 MOI.  25 of the MLS areas have less than 4 MOI.  It's unbelievable to look at the active inventory numbers of some MLS areas.  Seabrook is particularly incredible.  Seabrook and Kiawah are usually at the bottom of this list.  They usually both have well over 10 MOI.  Right now, Seabrook has only 41 active listings and 2.2 MOI. Really!  We have less than 3700 active listings in the entire MLS.  Areas 11-78 have less than 3400 active listings.  MLS areas 61,72,73 are 3 of the biggest sellers.  Each of the 3 has less than 75 active listings.  MLS area 76, Moncks Corner, has 23 active listings.


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