2014 Homes Under Contract - A Week By Week View

The Charleston real estate market is booming!  We’ve recovered most of the value in our homes that we lost through those rough recession years. In 2007, we had a median sales price of $210k and 2014 will close out at over $220k.  We shared some tough times with the rest of the nation from 2008 to 2011, but things are looking really good all over the tri-county area now.  Our sales prices are rising at a reasonable and sustainable rate now and we still have plenty of room to appreciate to get back to the trend line. 

Here's a visual of the week by week residential properties listed as contingent over the last 10 years. Although December did show a normal slow in activity, the important fact to note is this was the busiest year to date!

Cheers to a very busy 2015! 

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