2011 Regional Economic Scorecard

Charleston Regional Economic Scoreboard

Regional Economic Scorecard

The 2011 Regional Economic Scorecard is the second annual assessment of our three-county region's economic progress and is intended to guide discussions by local business, government, community and workforce leaders regarding strategies for building a globally competitive economy now and into the future.

This year we examine the foundational elements for economic development (the competitive inputs), as well as the supporting environment for economic development, which includes our industrial composition, physical infrastructure and social, cultural, institutional environment. Progress in each of these areas can ultimately lead to economic prosperity.

While this Scorecard measures our economic indicators against data from comparative metros in the Southeast, the reality is the Charleston region must be globally competitive to succeed in an economy increasingly defined by innovation, knowledge and international competition.

All regional organizations have a role to play in moving our economy forward. We encourage you to spend time with this Scorecard, get to know the strengths and challenges it identifies for our region, and share it with your colleagues and contacts. If we all work together to align, strengthen and grow our region's core competencies and assets, we will truly become a global destination for business and talent.

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2011 Executive Summary

2011 Full Report


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